Penis Extenders: How they Work?

Despite the fact that today there is a considerable number of devices and remedies to increase the parameters of the penis, a penis extender is the most popular among such a vast variety. The extender is designed to effectively and painlessly increase the size of the penis, as well as correcting the natural curvature of the penis.

Regular wearing of the extender contributes to a safe stretching of the cavernous tissues of the penis, and also activating blood circulation.

The principle of the device is the traction force, which is provided by the metal rods of the extender.

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The manufacturer reveals one small but vital secret that will help achieve the desired result much faster. During the process of wearing penis extender, you can put a warm and clean sock on the surface of the penis. Due to thermal effect, blood flow increases significantly, which positively affects the accelerated extending of the penis.

How to Use Penis Extenders?

Before using the extender, the manufacturer recommends that you talk with a doctor who excludes contraindications in the body. Only after the doctor’s permission the consumer can safely order and start using the extender. A full course of use consists of 9 months. Quite often, its duration is reduced to 7 months, it all depends on the physiological characteristics of the body.

The manufacturer recommends the following scheme:

  • The first step is to adjust the parameters of the extender to the appropriate size of the penis;
  • The early few days the carrying time should not be more than two hours. If the user feels pain and discomfort, it is necessary to take off the device and again check the correct fixation;
  • On the second week you should extend the duration of wearing the extender up to 4 hours;
  • After a two-week period, the length of wearing penis extender should be at least 7-8 hours.

It should be noted that the extender should be worn exclusively in the daytime, as sensitivity at this time is the most tangible. At night, the sensitivity significantly reduced, which can lead to damage to soft tissues.

In the period of wearing an extender, it is not recommended to engage in physical work because it can significantly weaken the fixation of the device, which will negatively affect its effectiveness. Move slowly, without rapid movements.

The Safety of Penis Extenders

The innovative device of penis extender is made of safe and non-toxic materials of medical origin. That indicates that during the use, the possibility of allergic reactions and irritations is excluded. The safety and effectiveness of the device are confirmed by the corresponding certificates that were issued to the manufacturer during clinical trials.

The design of penis extenders consists of metal pulling rods, which are adjusted as the parameters of the penis increase. Two supporting rings at the base and the edge of the penis provide reliable fixation.

Benefits of Using Penis Extenders

Let’s single out some decisive moments experienced by the consumer:

  • An active, painless and safe device that increases the parameters of the penis by 25 – 30%;
  • The tool was repeatedly subjected to clinical and laboratory studies;
  • In addition to fixing bent penis and increasing its size, men notice a significant improvement in sexual capabilities. Increased potency, enhanced erection, the level of libido becomes an order of magnitude higher;
  • The cost is affordable and loyal, which all modern men can practically afford;
  • People who live in any area of the globe can experience the positive impact of the extender. Delivery of goods is carried out in all regions of the country;
  • Certificates confirm the quality assurance.

If you regularly experience inferiority complexes because of the small size of the penis, then it’s time to try the impact of the penis extender. The fundamental principle is to stretch the flesh and cavernous tissues of the penis. The extender is made of a high-quality medical material, which has passed numerous tests. Adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, you will notice the first positive results after 3-4 months.

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