ProSolution Gel VS VigRX Oil

ProSolution gel and VigRX oil are two products designed for men that have problems with erection and premature ejaculation. In general, you should always use those male enhancement products that you feel most comfortable with. However, many men face a dilemma about which products are best to use and which products provide the biggest benefits. In this case, both ProSolution gel and VigRX oil have their pros and cons, so at the end, it is up to you to conclude, which one to use for your needs.

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What Is Penis Curvature And How To Fix It?

The majority of men have a minimal curve or sideways “hang” to the penis. But about 400 people in every 100,000 suffer from penile erection conditions extremely bent or curved, so extreme that make sexual intercourse painful for both partners or uncomfortable. The erect penis can be bent in a “J” or “U” shape or may have a series of twists that create the appearance almost like a corkscrew. This condition is referred to in the medical community as Peyronie’s disease and is also sometimes related to like a picture of the fibrous caverositis have fibrous scar tissue build up in layers of erectile tissue (cavernosa).

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